Portfolio by Category: Table Accessories

Teabag holder, Sml & Large Spoonrest

DESIGN Blue heart teabag holder Green heart Large Spoon rest Grey heart small Spoon rest

Butter Dish (Ice)

DESIGN Dark Feather Zebra Classic PRODUCT CODE BDI – Butter dish (Ice)

Palm plate & Tea light candle holders

DESIGN Savannah flower PRODUCT CODE PALM – Palm plate – 58(l) x 16(w) x 4(h) cm TL – Tea light candle holders


DESIGN Savannah PRODUCT CODE TBH – Teabag holder BPM – Bread plate medium SR – Serviette rings CST – Coasters O/V – Oil and Vinegar

Oil & Vinegar, Various butter dishes

DESIGN Sky Blue PRODUCT CODE O/V – Oil and Vinegar BD – Butter dish BDI – Butter dish (Ice)

Small Water jug

DESIGN Sky blue and Grey Red Hearts PRODUCT CODE WJS – Water jug small – 14(d) x 18(h) cm


DESIGN Savanna Windmill PRODUCT CODE CALM – Calabash Mini SPL – Spoonrest Large

Large Spoonrest, Toothpick holder, Shot glass

DESING Red hearts PRODUCT CODE SPRL – Spoonrest large TPH – Toothpick holder SG – Shot glass

Ice Bucket, Wine cooler

DESIGN Red hearts PRODUCT CODE WC – Wine cooler IB – Ice bucket

L Spoonrest, Ashtray, Toothpick holder, Shot glass, T Light candle

DESING Grey/white & Grey flower PRODUCT CODE SPRL – Spoon rest large AT – Ashtray SG – Shot glass TPH – Toothpick holder TL – Tea light candle

Toothpick holder, Egg cup, Tea mug, Coasters

DESIGN Kalahari gold PRODUCT CODE TPH – Toothpick holder EC – Egg cup TM  – Tea mug CST – Coaster set


DESIGN Red/black PRODUCT CODE MJS – Milk jug small MJL – Milk jug large CM – Coffee mug TM – Tea mug SGBS – Sugar bowl small TL – Tea light candle

Tea set

DESIGN Sundance PRODUCT CODE TC/S – Tea cup and saucer CALM – Calabash mini TPM – Tea pot medium SGBS – Small sugar MJS – Milk jug small

Oil/vinegar, Coasters & Coffee mug

DESIGN Zebra Classic PRODUCT CODE O/V – Oil & Vinegar CST – Coaster CM – Coffee mug

Tea bag holder & Mini calabash

DESIGN Blue Elephant PRODUCT CODE TBH – Teabag holder CALM – Calabash Mini

Large Ramekin

DESIGN Giraffe Combo PRODUCT CODE RAML – Ramekin Large

Large, Med & Sml Ramekin

DESIGN Grey/white PRODUCT CODE RAML – Ramekin Large – 12(d) x 5,5(h) cm RAMM – Ramekin Medium – 12(d) x 3,5 (h) cm RAMS – Ramekin Small – 9(d) x 3,5(h) cm

Ramekin Medium

DESIGN Rainbow PRODUCT CODE RAMM – Ramekin Medium – 12(d) x 3,5(h) cm

Med & Large Ramekin

DESIGN Red Earth PRODUCT CODE RAMM – Ramekin Medium – 12(d) x 3,5(h) cm RAML – Ramekin Large – 12(d) x 5,5 (h) cm


DESIGN Zebra Combo AT – Ashtray – 18(l) x 15(w) x 2(h) cm

Large & Medium ramekin

DESIGN Zebra Combo\ PRODUCT CODE RAML – Ramekin Large – 12(d) x 5,5(h) cm RAMM- Ramekin Medium – 12(d) x 3,(h) 5 cm

Spoon rest, Tea spoon Holder, Toothpick holder

DESIGN : Hearts PRODUCT CODES: SPRL – Spoon rest Large TSPH – Teaspoon holder TPH – Toothpick holder * For dimensions see Styles & Dimensions Category

Calabash Small & Small Water Jug

DESIGN : Hearts PRODUCT CODES: CALS – Calabash Small – 14(d) x 10(h) cm WJS – Water Jug small – 14(d) x 18(h) cm

Wine Cooler & Ice Bucket

DESIGN – Hearts WC – Wine Cooler – 15(d) x 22(h) cm IB – Ice Bucket – 14(d) x 13(h) cm

Coffee & Tea mug

DESIGN : Grey White Flower PRODUCT CODES: CM – Coffee Mug TM – Tea mug TBH – Teabag holder TSPH – Teaspoon holder * For dimensions see Style And Dimensions Category

Water Jugs

DESIGN : Grey/white WJL – Water Jug Large – 19(d) x 29(h) cm WJS – Water Jug Small – 14(d) x 18(h) cm


DESIGN : Grey/white and Grey Flower PRODUCT CODE: SPR – Spoon rest small – 21(l) x 8(w) cm SPRL – Spoon rest large – 3o(l) x 11(w) x 1,5 (h) cm

Various Table Accessories

DESIGN : Grey/white PRODUCT CODE: SG -Shot Glass TH – Toothpick holder SR – Serviette rings AT – Ashtray * For dimensions – Style & Dimensions Category

Wine Cooler & Ice Bucket

DESIGN: Grey/white PRODUCT CODES: WC – Wine Cooler – 15(d) x 22(h) cm IB – Ice Bucket – 14(d) x 13(h) cm  

Blue Sky Variety

DESIGN : Blue Grey PRODUCT CODES: TL – Tea Light Candle Holder TSPH – Teaspoon Holder/Utility Holder EC – Egg cup TPH – Toothpick holder CST – Coaster Set * Dimensions available in Style and Dimensions category.

Coasters, Sml & Large Spoon Rest, Teaspoon Holder

DESIGN : Platinum Grey PRODUCT CODES: CST-G – Coaster without Beads – 10(d) cm SPR-G – Sml Spoon Rest –  21(l) x 8(w) cm SPRL-G – Large Spoon Rest – 30(l) x 11(w) x 1,5(h) cm  

Oil & Vinegar jar

Oil Vinegar Jar

Tea Bag Holder

Tea Bag Holder

Serviette rings

Serviette Rings


Coasters beaded