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Teabag holder, Sml & Large Spoonrest

DESIGN Blue heart teabag holder Green heart Large Spoon rest Grey heart small Spoon rest

Utility Holder

DESIGN Green and black cat Utility holder

Butter Dish (Ice)

DESIGN Dark Feather Zebra Classic PRODUCT CODE BDI – Butter dish (Ice)

Small Water jug

DESIGN Sky blue and Grey Red Hearts PRODUCT CODE WJS – Water jug small – 14(d) x 18(h) cm

Variety Soup dishes

DESIGN Sky blue PRODUCTS Square, Oval and Pedestal soap dish  

Sml Dish and Sml Coffee Mug

DESIGN Red Heart Valentine PRODUCT CODE SD – Small dish CMS – Coffee Mug small * Special order


DESIGN Zebra Combo AT – Ashtray – 18(l) x 15(w) x 2(h) cm

Spoon rest, Tea spoon Holder, Toothpick holder

DESIGN : Hearts PRODUCT CODES: SPRL – Spoon rest Large TSPH – Teaspoon holder TPH – Toothpick holder * For dimensions see Styles & Dimensions Category

Water Jugs

DESIGN : Grey/white WJL – Water Jug Large – 19(d) x 29(h) cm WJS – Water Jug Small – 14(d) x 18(h) cm


DESIGN : Grey/white and Grey Flower PRODUCT CODE: SPR – Spoon rest small – 21(l) x 8(w) cm SPRL – Spoon rest large – 3o(l) x 11(w) x 1,5 (h) cm

Wine Cooler & Ice Bucket

DESIGN: Grey/white PRODUCT CODES: WC – Wine Cooler – 15(d) x 22(h) cm IB – Ice Bucket – 14(d) x 13(h) cm  

Blue Sky Variety

DESIGN : Blue Grey PRODUCT CODES: TL – Tea Light Candle Holder TSPH – Teaspoon Holder/Utility Holder EC – Egg cup TPH – Toothpick holder CST – Coaster Set * Dimensions available in Style and Dimensions category.

Card Holder

DESIGN: Choose any design PRODUCT CODE: CRD – Card holder

Potjie 3 Legs

DESIGN : Various Colors PRODUCT CODE:  POT Potjie 3 Legs – 11(d) x 9(h) cm Can be ordered in any design and color.  

Oil & Vinegar jar

Oil Vinegar Jar

Tea Bag Holder

Tea Bag Holder

Serviette rings

Serviette Rings


Coasters beaded

Soap Dish pedestal

Soap Dish Pedestal