In the most northern part of South Africa lies the Limpopo Province – also known as the Eden of Africa.  A region rich in culture, people, sunshine and the wild untamed bushveld of South Africa.

An old  Sotho saying goes: We are many countries within one country and every country has a border.  But one thing unites us all – “The soil that gave us birth and sustains us, the African sun that shines upon us and gives us light and hope”

The soil of the land combined with the artistic inspiration of the people of the region are the cornerstones of LIMPOPO CERAMICS.

Limpopo Ceramics specialises in mainly African inspired designs which incorporates traditional colourful designs as well as textures and patterns from the African nature. Limpopo Ceramics is well known for our unique beadwork which forms part of most of our products. What makes us special is that our products are lead free and are handmade on our premises from start to finish.

Our new range of classic designs are however timeless and will compliment any modern home.

Our products are made not only for the discerning local buyer but we export our products worldwide to all continents. Our products consist mainly of dinner ware as well as platters, mugs, and decorative items such as vases and even decorated hand basins. We have found that our products are also in demand in the corporate market as it makes excellent corporate gifts with or without a logo.

Limpopo Ceramics is BEE certified and we share the passion to equip, help and uplift the members of the disadvantaged community. All our employees are members of the local community. Most of them were previously unemployed. Traditionally disadvantaged individuals form 75% of the employees. They have all been trained in full time service to the point where they now are skilled and experienced artists and artisans.We also have an ongoing training project to empower unemployed people for a bright future.

Limpopo Ceramics started in 2002 and it has since grown to a prominent enterprise in a rural community which provides employment to an average of 25 people.

We actively support and apply fair trading and ethical business practice. We enjoy the full support and recognition of our government for our contribution to the creating of job opportunities and local economic development in South Africa.

By supporting Limpopo Ceramics you contribute to the upliftment of our people.

We created much needed job opportunities in a poor community and provides ongoing in service training to our workers in a variety of specialized trades, arts and skills found in a factory of this kind.  An average of 70% of the workers are members of the historically disadvantage community.

Social upliftment and involvement remains a priority of the business. Our handmade, hand decorated ceramics are a unique upmarket product painted in a variety of original and creative designs uniquely decorated with beads.  The products of LIMPOPO CERAMICS are made with pride, passion and exclusivity and should be enjoyed as such.

Pricing: Wholesale pricing is available to customers that can provide the following: Bussiness Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, VAT nr and Certificate of Registration and name of contact person.

Minimum Order: Minimum order for wholesale is R3 000 for local customers and $1 000 (USD) for International customers. There is no minimum on any re-orders

Product Variations: We do try to manufacture as close as possible to the samples displayed, but because the products are handmade they can slightly differ.

Shipping Cost is ex works and payable in addition to the selling price. We will help you to obtain quotes from freight forwarders.

Time Schedule: All orders are handmade individually and will take at least 8 – 10 weeks to completion.

Payment Options: 50% deposit is required to confirm the order and the balance upon completion of the products. For South African customers before we dispatch from the factory and for International sales before the order leaves the country. We have credit card facilities.

For any inquiries contact Leandri or Judy.

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